• ArcSight: A global provider of secuity and management solutions.

  • ArtCenter College of Design: A world-class design college.

  • @Issue: A journal of business and design.

  • Cloudshield: A bandwidth security solutions company.

  • Good Guys: A consumer electronics retail chain.

    Good Guys
  • Guthy|Renker: One of the world’s largest direct marketing companies.

  • HD Radio: A high definition radio system.

    HD Radio
  • IDSA Connecting Congress: A San Francisco congress for IDSA/ICSID.

    IDSA Connecting Congress
  • The James Irvine Foundation: A California cultural foundation for the arts.

    The James Irvine Foundation
  • KQED: A non-profit San Francisco radio and television network

  • Larkin Street: An organization that helps homeless children in San Francisco.

    Larkin Street
  • Loyola Marymount University: A Los Angeles Catholic university.

    Loyola Marymount University
  • Lulan: A company to help Third World craftspeople.

  • Magnes: A museum of Jewish culture.

  • Marketing Profs: A resource for marketing products and services.

    Marketing Profs
  • Museum of Glass: An international museum of art in Tacoma, Washington.

    Museum of Glass
  • Norton: A security software from Symantec.

  • Plus: A picture licensing universal system.

  • Red Herring: An print and online financial publication.

    Red Herring
  • Safeco: An insurance company headquartered in Seattle.

  • Saint Mary”s College of California: A private college located in Moraga, California.

    Saint Mary's College of California
  • San Francisco Botanical Garden: A non-profit garden in Golden Gate Park.

    San Franciso Botanical Garden
  • San Francisco Opera: A San Francisco cultural institution.

    San Francisco Opera
  • Spark Awards: A global design competition.

    Spark Awards
  • Symetra: An insurance company headquartered in Seattle.

  • UltraViolet: A digital rights locker for streamiing entertainment.

  • Union Bank of California: A California bank.

    Union Bank
  • University of the Pacific: A university system founded in Central California.

    University of the Pacific
  • Wherify: A tracking device for children.

  • Xinet: A software program for the Graphic Arts industry.

  • 365 Typography Calendar: A typographic calendar.

    365 Typography Calendar